The Rice Purity Test is an internet school survey initially used by students at Rice University. According to the website, the test is utilized from orientation throughout faculty life at Rice to observe how much sex, drugs, and debauchery a student gets into throughout their period there that can be found here.

This evaluation is presumed to become a”bonding experience” with students, but it seems like it would create a lot more tension, especially if someone is uncomfortable engaging in the survey. This is actually the Rice Purity Test broken down into 5 components.

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- Rice Purity score Scale -

100-98... you’re mad pure. You are like the freaking baby Jesus

97-94... you are still pretty damn pristine but you’ve probably done a few things (ex.: you’ve probably kissed a SO (significant other) or held hands with someone apart from a relative, etc..)


93-77... that is the assortment of scores which the averagely pure person will likely get... you are not the purest man out there but you are also not a literal prostitute (ex: you’ve probably french kissed a SO or even masturbated or kissed someone under the belt, etc..)

To acquire a score within this range, you have probably checked off several pretty crazy items (ex.: you’ve likely had sex or been drunk or smoked marijuana, etc..)


Like the people who’ve been in orgies or prison (ex: you’ve probably employed a tricky drug before or had sexual intercourse in public or had anal intercourse, etc.,.)

8-0... nicely, I’ve yet to meet anybody using a score lower than a 9. Congrats on your hardcoreness in the event you got a score like that (ex: you have likely had sex with an animal or a cousin or a paying customer, etc..)

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